Structured Timetable

A full structured timetable is operated during the day Monday to Friday. The therapeutic support provided includes group and individual work, we do not routinely schedule activities in the evening and weekends - It is important that service users learn the skills to manage their own time and put the skills that they will learn into practice, support in the evening is usually more informal in which we recreate a family atmosphere and encourage every one to spent informal time together with each other and the staff.

The aim of the timetable is to provide an environment that supports and encourages better coping mechanisms to deal with difficult emotions. Service-users are encouraged to talk about their feelings rather than acting them out in a destructive or impulsive way.

All service-users take on the responsibility of the role of Daily Community Leader. Residential service-users take on further responsibility by carrying out this role overnight. The role of leader helps service-users to develop responsibility and strengthens peer group support.

The timetable includes:

Daily Community Meeting
The Daily Community Meeting brings staff and service-users together to discuss any matters arising. Breeches of contract and crises are also managed at this meeting. An important learning process is developing an awareness of the impact of behaviour upon others. The decision about how to deal with an incident is decided by the community in line with community management procedures.

Psychotherapy Group
The Psychotherapy Group explores the dynamics of the community including relationships, conflicts and triggers to behaviour.

Psycho-educational Group
In psycho education you will learn about different subjects that may affect you in your life, and how you can deal with them. Some examples include:

•  Anxiety
•  Self Esteem
•  Loneliness
•  Personal Identity

We all cope differently as we have different thoughts and reactions, in this group you will learn about these different subjects, where they stem from, how they affect us, and different positive coping strategies that you can use within the community.

Community Living Skills
The topics discussed in this group always aim to make you think and feel differently about situations in your own life. We do this usually by different means than you might expect:
•    Using team based exercises to help the group find different ways of working together.
•    Using board games in a therapeutic way
•    Using TED talks to start a discussion and have supporting exercises to delve into the topic more.
•    Using active and receptive musical therapy exercises to explore our own behaviour patterns and to help build self esteem.
•    Using drama therapy related exercises to explore our relation to our body and become more comfortable to express ourselves non verbally.

All exercises are adapted to the needs/skill level of the participants in the group, and everyone’s comfortableness with the exercises will be taken into account

Life Skills
Life skills does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a group where residents learn skills that will help them to live independently after their time at Pele Tower has ended.
Some activities that have been done during this group include:
• Financial planning and budgeting.
• Practical skills for around the home.
• Household repairs.
• Accessing benefits and understanding how to fill out forms.
• Looking how to gain confidence towards meeting new people and how to better build relationships with people.

This group is quite varied and residents can suggest topics that they would like to be covered. This group is about gaining skills that can be used for the rest of your life. The group often generates conversation and questions on a wide amount of interlinking subjects all relating to becoming more self reliant with better social and independent living skills.

In creative group residents spend an hour a week working on creative projects. These can range from individual crafts such as mod rock, painting, drawing, games and music.  There is also the chance to do group projects, like the Pele Tower banner and the welcome tree which is now situated at one of our offices. Everyone is welcome to suggest ideas; it is a relaxed group that often promotes interesting discussions, as it can be used to explore emotions in a creative way.
Materials – Within reason – are provided by Pele Tower.

Cooking Group
Cooking group takes place on a Friday morning, in this group you will contribute to cooking a more complex meal for the community lunch. Cooking group will improve your knowledge and your confidence in the kitchen, and provide you with skills that you can continue to use in your own home. There are opportunities for residents to facilitate cooking group, this allows residents to improve their organisational skills through selecting recipes, collecting ingredients, and delegating the various jobs to complete the meal.

Community Outing
The group outing is a very relaxed and fun filled time where residents can enjoy trips out with the support of staff. The cost of transport and entry to outing venues are covered by Pele Tower, but any additional purchases are paid for by residents.
The outing takes place on a Friday afternoon; both staff and residents attend the outing, here the residents decide where they would like to go.
Time Sessions
All residents are given two one to one sessions with staff each week, these sessions last 30 minutes and take place Monday to Friday. Time sessions are opportunities for residents to talk about anything that is bothering them. They can also be used to set and re-evaluate goals in your action support plans.