Residential and Day Services

Residential Service

The residential programme provides an intensive package of therapeutic and housing support. The range of therapy and support is both eclectic and holistic with a full timetable of daily groups and individual sessions running throughout the week Monday to Friday. A typical residency is 2 years, however this can vary between 1 and 3 years.  Length of residency is dependent upon the individual’s needs and discussed with referrers throughout the placement.

Individuals who move into the service need to display a high degree of commitment to the programme and be willing to participate in the structured therapeutic timetable.

£2,958.54 for a 6-week assessment
£821.15 per week for a 2-year placement
£13,324 for funding 12-month Aftercare Service following residential placement.

Day Service

This service is available for 2 days per week on a Tuesday and Thursday. The group sessions attended are assessed to meet the individual’s needs and can focus on group therapy and therapeutic intervention and/or practical and living skills support, at this moment the day service is only offered as an aftercare package following successful completion of the residential placement.

£81.03 per day (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
£125.00 per day (Tuesday and Thursday)
£27.00 per week for use of on-call should this be required.

Inreach Service

Pele Tower also offer an In-reach service to work with potential service-users while they are still in hospital or prison.This allows the service-user to develop a positive relationship with staff, learn more about the service, alleviate some of their anxieties and make the transition to Pele Tower go more smoothly.

We work to help every service user move in as smoothly as possible and understand that it can be an incredibly nerve wracking and stressful time for a service user to move into a new place. For this reason we work with the service user to gradually begin their placement here by offering visits and the opportunity to join in on groups.