Move-on and Aftercare

All individuals are provided with support in preparing for independent living and finding safe and suitable accommodation.

Life after Pele Tower is addressed throughout someones time at the service during group and one-to-one work. In the last 6 months of someones time with Pele Tower the emphasis becomes more strongly focussed on move-on. Key-workers work with service-users to develop move-on plans as well as providing practical assistance with finding suitable accommodation and maximising income through benefits and grants.

Aftercare Programme

The Aftercare Programme, which offers group and one-to-one support is tailor-made to fit the individual’s needs.

An Aftercare package is available to all residential service-users who have completed the programme. This usually involves coming to Pele Tower twice weekly as a day service-user, attending specific therapeutic groups and individual sessions.

The length of Aftercare support provided is subject to funding.