Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay rent?
Yes, Pele Tower will be your home. Service-users will claim housing benefit, which the staff will work with you to complete upon entry. You will have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Housing Benefit usually covers the entire cost of your rent, however in some situations you may need to pay a contribution towards this. All tenants at Pele Tower pay a service charge which covers such areas as heating and lighting. The details of this are made clearer in your actual agreement.

I’ve already got a property that I’m renting, or have a mortgage - is that okay?
If you are already claiming housing benefit, unfortunately you will not be able to do so for another property, unless the authority you are moving from will cover the cost of your rent. It is important therefore, that you carefully consider if the service is suitable for you as it is likely you will need to give up your property prior to commencing a placement.

What about money?
If you are claiming benefits, such as income support and disability living allowance, then these will continue, staff will assist you with any benefit applications.

There are an number of changes to benefits that will come into force over the next year. Staff will work with you to make sure that you understand your benefits and that you are receiving everything you are entitled to.

Will I have to cook?
Yes, A cooking group runs weekly so that you can develop your skills and be able to cook a range of meals for yourself by the time you leave Pele Tower. If you can already cook you will be able to share your skills with others in the group and help them to learn to cook.

You will also help in the preparation and cooking of lunch as part of the community each weekday. Other meals you will need to prepare and cook yourself. If you can’t cook the staff will give help and guidance where it is needed.

What about cleaning?
Your own room will be your responsibility. The communal areas of the house will need to be kept tidy and this will be done on a rotation basis with the community sharing the cleaning tasks weekly.

What happens if I move into the house and I don’t like it?
Every service-user will have support and an individual care plan which will clearly outline options should you decide to leave earlier than expected. It is important throughout your assessment, that you ask as many questions as possible in order for you to make an informed decision if Pele Tower is suitable for you.

Can I have friends visit?
Yes. However we ask that everyone shows respect to others in the community by discussing visitors in the community meetings. We also ask that you make sure that visitors do not come during the day when groups and activities are taking place.

Can I still attend the outside activities that I am involved with?
Yes. Pele Tower encourages all service-users to be active in the community. If anything you attend clashes with the weekly programme, you will have the opportunity at assessment to discuss and negotiate a way in which you will be able to continue to attend your outside activities.