Risk Management and Individual Support Plans

Pele Tower works with a service-user group who present high levels of risk in terms of self-destructive and impulsive behaviours. Pele Tower staff assess the risk of all who are referred and are offered treatment. However, one of the main aims of the Service is that individuals learn to take responsibility for their actions and hence develop healthier coping mechanisms for the future.

People are encouraged to develop healthy and positive coping strategies. Whilst we would not prevent someone from self harming behaviours we proactively work with people to develop an awareness of the impact of their behaviour and to gradually change their coping strategies over time.

Thorough risk assessments are carried out before service-users begin placements and they are reviewed every three months or sooner if required.

Risk management plans and individual support plans are completed with service-users when they begin placements and are reviewed throughout the service-user’s stay.

The plans give staff and service-users the opportunity to monitor risk and allow staff to provide the support needed to enable the service-user to better manage risk taking behaviours. They encourage the service-user to manage and contain their self-destructive behaviours in a more responsible way by thinking and talking to staff about their feelings rather than acting them out impulsively.

There is a clear crisis management procedure that is followed if the service-user displays self-destructive behaviour. This usually involves the community challenging the individual’s behaviour and allowing time for the individual to reflect on and discuss the impact of their behaviour in ongoing daily community meetings, however if the behaviour is serious i.e., violent, this will ultimately place the service-user’s tenancy at risk.