Assessment Process


Individuals referred for the Residential Service who have funding authorised, are invited to attend a six-week assessment programme. The first four weeks involve attending the day programme and weeks five to six are fully residential. The assessment enables Pele Tower to assess the level of motivation required to engage in a residential placement whilst also allowing the individual to make an informed decision as to whether the service is suitable for them.

Prior to assessment, service-users have the opportunity to visit Pele Tower to learn more about the programme. This will allow the service-user to decide whether or not they would like to pursue a placement. They will then attend an interview with either the Service Manager or the Senior Support Worker and will also meet with the Psychotherapist so that they can find out more about the psychotherapy group. Full protection and safety assessements will be carried out to ensure that the placement is appropriate and that Pele Tower can meet the needs of the individual.

The service-user will be asked to sign the Release of Information Form, which allows Pele Tower staff to contact relevant professionals as part of the assessment process.

For service-users living outside the area, in hospital or in prison a personalised assessment process can be developed to meet the needs of the individual.

Day Service

The service-user is invited to attend Pele Tower for a half day and is expected to take part in the daily community activities. There will be an assessment interview with the Service Manager or the Senior Support Worker. If the Day Services are also to include psychotherapy a meeting between the service-user and the psychotherapist will also be arranged.

After the assessment interview the service-user will meet with the community for an informal discussion about how the service-user has experienced Pele Tower in general.

Successful assessment

If it is decided that the service-user is suitable for a placement, the service-user and relevant professionals will be informed by letter and offered a start date. A placement cannot be offered until funding has been confirmed.

Unsuccessful assessment

If the assessment has not been successful, the service-user and relevant professionals will be informed in writing explaining the reasons why.