News and Events

Moving on.

This week we wished good luck to one of our service users who has been with us for 2 years.

It was a sad day as we said goodbye, but a happy day as we wished good luck for the future and good luck in their new home.

As always we used this as an excuse for cake and our Team Leader baked the most amazing garden cake to help celebrate all of the hard work that went into this day.

Time off.

Here at Pele we have a pretty busy week with various groups. This is why we know it’s important to take some time off.

That’s why every summer we have two weeks off from groups, during this time people are free to do whatever they enjoy, we also try to have some fun!

This time, we had our community day - We caught up with each other to see how things were going and then spent some time, again, playing games!

Our lovely Rachel came up with some things for us to do and devised a game which involved trying to pass an orange from the back of a group to the front using only their feet! This went about as well as expected.

Christmas and New Year celebrations.

We all love Christmas here at Pele and we do everything we can to make it a special day, this year we may have gone slightly overboard with the food but we had an amazing day!

Starting off in the morning with presents and Christmas films we then had the most delicious feast which everyone chipped in to prepare.

After this we were all stuffed and decided to take it easy for the rest of the day, we played games - checked out our presents and enjoyed the company of our fantastic community.

Community of Communities accredidation.

Following a successful visit from the communities of communities team, including staff from a fellow therapeutic community we were awarded accreditation into the community of communities scheme.

This is a huge achievement for the service and follows a great deal of hard work for both staff and service users.

We’re very proud of our community following this and would like to extend a huge thank you to the Community of Communities team following this.

For more information regarding the Community of Communities team and what they do visit:

Community of Communities.

Every year we take part in visits in partnership with Community of Communities. This year two of our staff travelled down the country to visit a different service and share ideas about what works and what doesn’t. This year, Claire and Danielle spent the day involved with and learning new ways of working along with other volunteers from community of communities at a service in the south of the country. It was a pleasure to meet with new people and service users have them share with us their lives and let us into their homes.

Following this day out we then hosted staff members from a different service, inviting them to spend the day with us and getting to know us a little better. We were graded against their own standards and received an excellent report and given fantastic feedback as well. We wanted to thank everyone involved and our own service users for making the day such a success.

Football tournament.

Following extensive planning, the Pele Tower inaugural football tournament went ahead on a rainy Wednesday. Staff and service users alike participated and enjoyed the day, hopefully this will become a regular thing!