The night I saw a wild animal

I was sitting in my bedroom on Sunday 15th July, I was not in a great frame of mind.

I was thinking about what had happened the week before, dwelling over the past couple of days, I looked out of my bedroom window and sitting on the bright lamp in the street there was a bird, I could not believe my eyes, as it was a brown owl, sitting there looking at me, it was great.

I went to my friend’s bedroom and told her. She came into my bedroom and had a look. It was beautiful. It really cheered me up to see a wild animal outside my window.

As I sat there watching it all my thoughts and feelings were put aside.

After half hour watching the bird it flew away. Its wingspan was so big, it was unbelievable. The only thing I regret, I did not take a picture.

This night I will not forget. It was a wild bird I saw.