Residents Journey

Every persons journey at Pele is different, for that reason we work with each service user as an individual. This makes our community all that much stronger as we have people from many different backgrounds and experiences working together to provide support to each other.

The following are accounts from service users who have completed their placement here and what they thought about their time at Pele.

“When I first came to Pele Tower I was all over the place, like I didn’t belong anywhere, I was stuck not knowing where and who to turn to for advice, support and help. Yes there were people out there that could give me that, but I felt like it wasn’t the right type of things to properly help me. I felt all alone and that I was the only one with what I had. Then I came here, yes it was scary, frightening, all of those feelings, and with that I wanted to run away, but I have stuck at it. Now I feel like I’m getting there, like I have somewhere that I belong. It also helps that I live with people who have the same thing as me, because we can understand, help and support each other because we are going through it ourselves. I’m glad I came here.”

“One of the things I would say about Pele is that you have to stick it out. If the going gets tough don’t give up, you have to keep going. You think to yourself all the time “this is hard”, but it gives you a different outlook on life, and some views that you may struggle with. But give it time because it will get better, your struggles will get easier. When you go through bad times don’t focus on the negative side of things, Pele Tower helps you look at the positive side of things and helps you manage the bad times. It makes so much difference being able to manage how you feel rather than hiding it – Pele taught me that. I’ve never looked back at the things I’ve said and done and wish I was still doing them – those things weren’t good for me. Pele has helped me learn that I have a positive future, I’ve worked hard for it and I’m proud of that.”