Intensively Supported Therapeutic Community

Individuals referred to Pele Tower with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder tend to act in a self-destructive way by cutting or taking overdoses and hence frequently present themselves to the statutory services, particularly GPs or A&E departments.

The trained staff team encourage service-users to develop healthier coping mechanisms, thus enabling them to contain their behaviours and talk about their feelings rather than acting them out. Reliance on other services is therefore reduced, as Pele Tower becomes a containing and safe environment.

A strong culture of respect is expected at all times. Racist, sexist, homophobic or bullying behaviours will not be tolerated. The community has a responsibility to the individual and likewise the individual has a responsibility to the community. There needs to be a commitment to participate in the daily timetable and community structure.

The staff team has an appropriate mix of professional qualifications including social care, community and youth work, social work, teaching, psychotherapy and group analysis. Staff receive clinical supervision external to the service.

The service is staffed 24 hours. Staff are on duty from 8am to 11pm and Sleep-in cover from 11pm to 8am.